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"This is one of the most incredible honors that I could receive."
— Connie Britton being interviewed, along with Ellen Barkin and Robin Wright, by Hollywood.TV at NYWIFT’s Muse Awards on December 12, 2013.


NYWIFT members and supporters Christine Sadofsky, Sherry McCaffrey, and Carol Patterson after this year’s Muse Awards at the New York Hilton.

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Rounding up round-ups: of a landmark year of women in both film and television. Indiewire covers all the heroines of cinema this year, while PolicyMic gathers up for the silver screen. Both publications note that we still have way more to go in terms of female objectification and realistic, transformative portrayals of women across digital media. Let’s hope that Tina and Amy will take us one step further when returning as Golden Globes co-hosts!

Celebrating: the launch of, the new site devoted to cutting edge content for and by women.

Terry Lawler is NYWIFT’s Executive Director. Tune in every Tuesday for her picks of the week.


On the red carpet with NYWIFT Muse Awards honorees (L-R) Robin Wright, Ellen Barkin, Frances Berwick, and Sonia Manzano, along with hosts (far left and right) Wendy Williams and Andy Cohen (photo credit @nywift). Not pictured is Nancy Malone, who won the Loreen Arbus Award.

Nashville, American Horror Story, and Friday Night Lights star Connie Britton chatting with reporters at the 2013 Muse Awards (video credit: Michele St John @thereelscoop).

imageEllen Barkin being interviewed on the Muse Awards red carpet (photo credit: @nywift).


The crowd was thrilled to see Cagney and Lacey—um, I mean Sharon Gless and Tyne Daly—at the Muse Awards (photo credit: @nywift).

A packed house at the New York Hilton for the 2013 Muse Awards (video credit: Michele St John @thereelscoop).


We couldn’t resist including this pic of how Bravo’s Andy Cohen would look with Connie Britton’s hairstyle (photo credit: Amanda Lin Costa @theloneolive).


Even the desserts are gorgeous (and branded!) at the Muse Awards (photo credit: @micheledagle).


Ellen Barkin, Robin Wright, and Connie Britton holding their Muse Awards (photo credit: Michele St John @thereelscoop).

More recaps and behind-the-scenes coverage to come, so stay tuned!



Marquita Pool-Eckert, a 1999 Muse Awards honoree, was a CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite producer when I joined that broadcast as a production secretary in 1978. I was totally intimidated by her role on that fabled news program, but she treated me as an equal. That’s says so much about her.

So, imagine my delight when I joined NYWIFT in 2011 and saw the picture of Pool-Eckert holding her Muse Award (shown above). 

When she was honored by NYWIFT, the Chicago native was the “ideas producer” at CBS Sunday Morning, drowning in mail full of story pitches—which is how a gray envelope from NYWIFT got lost in the pile. It took a phone call from NYWIFT Executive Director Terry Lawler before Pool-Eckert realized that she was getting an award. She says it’s one of the awards of which she is most proud—and that’s from a 12-time news Emmy winner!  

Post-CBS News, she continues to influence young, would-be journalists, teaching at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and at Macaulay Honors College on the Hunter College campus.

Pool-Eckert—who holds a masters from Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism and is a Peabody Awards board member—joined NYWIFT in the early ’90s. She says she hopes to be a lifelong member.

"There is a camaraderie between people who have been involved in NYWIFT," she says. "Even if you don’t know them well, there is an immediate connection."

Order your tickets for the 2013 Muse Awards on December 12. 



“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome…”

That mysterious off-stage voice that announces presenters and honorees during awards ceremonies — it’s an actual position, listed on scripts and production notes. It’s called the VOG, the voice of god.

At this year’s Muse Awards, that role will be filled by someone who’s becoming a NYWIFT favorite: Valerie Smaldone. New York Women in Film and Television members know her from Designing Women 2013which she emceed.  

Smaldone’s well-practiced at being the VOG — she’s done it for such well-known organizations as the Clinton Global Initiative, founded by President Bill Clinton, and the Point Foundation, which is the national LGBTQ scholarship fund, among others.

She says her deepening involvement with NYWIFT during 2013 has been important to her.

“I have learned how many great programs and supportive initiatives for women and men it offers,” she says. “It’s a wonderful place to find out we’re all in this together.”

That sense of community extends beyond her professional life. She helps organizations devoted to fighting ovarian cancer and MS.

“We are all part of a community,” Smaldone says. “And volunteering time or money or resources is always a wonderful way to make a difference in the world.”

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Wendy visits Andy at the Bravo clubhouse during season 6 of What Happens Live! (photo via Bravo).

What’s better than one groundbreaking television host emceeing our 2013 Muse Awards?

Two of ‘em: friends Wendy Williams and Andy Cohen have just confirmed for this year’s event. We feel like the luckiest folks in the world!

Order your ticket for the 2013 Muse Awards on December 12.